Why Use Us?


We pride ourselves on our ability to design custom solutions to suit specific customer requirements, using a mixture of open and proprietary systems that suit our customer’s pocket best.

Speed of Delivery

We are able to offer speedy deployment of most solutions, right from our sales quotations to deployment.Off the-shelf access to equipment and wide practical experience in deploying and delivering internet-based telecoms mean that TelcoNet is usually the fastest solution.


Our solutions and installations are pre-assembled and tested before they leave our workshops. All communication links and deployments are monitored through our customer support centre around the clock. We know and understand the importance of Reliable communications solutions to our customers.


We understand that any solution that is deployed in the 21st century MUST be forward-looking in its design and therefore all solutions that we implement are always deployed with the future in mind, retaining scope for future growth and development.

Network Capacity

TelcoNet’s network capacity is continually growing with our engineers continually sizing and resizing the network to cope with the increased  demands on network elements as well as deploying developing techniques in order to maintain a high Quality of Service. Zinandi currently providing its ifoneSA to more than 17 000 subscribers in South Africa.







TelcoNet has partners and operations that span a number of countries within the Southern African continent with points of presence in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Our ever-growing presence in Africa and across other continents ensures that we are able to deliver local and global solutions to our customers with ease.

Social Responsibility

The Zinandi ethos includes a deep concern for the development of young people within the community, therefore we offer myriad opportunities for young people to come gain practical technical experience with us, exposing them to new ideas and new technologies. We feel that this is an important contribution to the growth and development of the nation.