About Us

Zinandi  Telecomms build and operate satellite platforms to meet the growing demand for reliable and efficient Internet, corporate data and IP Telephony connectivity in Africa. Focused on providing the optimum solution for every requirement Zinandi Telecomms has an extensive satellite platform capability.Zinandi provides satellite data, voice and Internet access services to Mines, Corporate Customers, ISP's, Service Providers, Schools, Hospitals, Multi-nationals and NGO's throughout Africa. Zinandi Telecomms is focused on providing the optimum services for the emerging Africa market. From low-cost broadband Internet access services for end-users and corporations to high capacity Internet trunking services for ISP's and Telco's as well as specialist  for government departments, embassies, and major enterprises.
Broadband Satellite Internet Access service provides shared access services to home, corporate and enterprise end-users. These services are elegantly integrated with Zinandi's  IP telephony services to also provide voice services. These services are specifically optimized to deliver high-speed access services to ISP's and  low-latency services to VoIP operators.


Zinandi Telecomms' exclusive product portifolio backed by more than seven years of experience in telecommunications gives them an unequalled lead in the African market. Through it's  partners network Zinandi Telecomms offers an extended presence in Africa and can ensure effective turn-key provisioning of satellite service, from service provisioning, equipment supply, implementation, regulatory requirements and ongoing support. Agreements are pending for services in many African countries. Zinandi has completed projects for companies like ZIMASCO in Zimbabwe and ensures on target and in budget completion. Zinandi’s marketing, engineering and support capabilities ensures efficient distribution and ongoing support of the product in the Africa market.






TelcoNet has partners and operations that span a number of countries within the Southern African continent with points of presence in the United Kingdom, United States of America, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Our ever-growing presence in Africa and across other continents ensures that we are able to deliver local and global solutions to our customers with ease.

Social Responsibility

The Zinandi ethos includes a deep concern for the development of young people within the community, therefore we offer myriad opportunities for young people to come gain practical technical experience with us, exposing them to new ideas and new technologies. We feel that this is an important contribution to the growth and development of the nation.